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    Feeling Stuck with No Direction?

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  • Taking counselling into the therapeutic environment of the outdoors

    Taking counselling into the therapeutic environment of the outdoors

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Walk and Talk Therapy

I have come to appreciate that the therapeutic benefit of connecting with nature and exercise will be particularly helpful to some clients, especially those who find the formality of a counselling room a little daunting. I therefore offer Walk and Talk sessions around some beautiful local walking areas in East Dorset such as Hengistbury Head, Mudeford and Highcliffe and from locations between Southborne and Sandbanks amongst others.

Ecotherapy such as 'walk & talk' is gaining increasing attention in the field of mental health as a clinically valid treatment option. For millennia humans have existed very closely with nature and our genetic wiring has hardly changed. Ecotherapies appear to work because they connects us to nature; to its natural rhythms that can both still the mind and yet energise us. An awareness of something much bigger and more powerful than we are, can enable us to see our place in the complexity and vastness of nature and feel ok with that.

'Walk & Talk' is especially helpful for clients experiencing anxiety, loss and grief and those facing significant life transition.

How it works

There would be an initial meeting in a counselling room where we can discuss the differences between traditional therapy and 'Walk & talk' and explore what brings you to counselling and what you hope to achieve. We can also agree timings and locations and what would happen in bad weather. From there on we will be on common ground where you set the pace. Session are for 1 hour or 90 minutes. 

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