Professional Counselling and Private Addiction Therapy Service

Inspiring Hope - Empowering People - Supporting Change

Core Values

It is my hope that my core values outlined below demonstrate my commitment to providing you with a truly positive counselling /addiction therapy experience.

  • Trust

    I believe building and honouring trust is the foundation of an effective therapeutic relationship that can facilitate growth and change. I am committed to my responsibility to provide you with a safe, confidential and collaborative environment.
  • Excellence

    I am committed to excellence; to offering you a high quality professional service embedded in evidenced based best practice. I adhere to a professional ethical code for good practice (BACP & FDAP) as well as pursue continued professional development. As a reflective practitioner I regularly monitor and review my effectiveness to help me offer you the best possible service.
  • Compassion

    I work with warmth, compassion and integrity, driven by a genuine desire to help you work through whatever challenges you face or changes you may want to make.
  • Aspiration

    Inspiring and generating hope is at the heart of counselling and psychotherapy; I have a deep belief in the power of hope. Hope for the genuine desire to see you achieve your aspirations and improve your wellbeing. Hope in the client:.... I deeply believe in the possibility of change. Hope in the therapeutic process....I strongly hold the belief that counselling works and finally Hope in life itself:....I believe that life is full of possibility beyond our current struggles but sometimes we may need another person to perhaps hold the hope for us whilst we begin to find our way through.
  • Respect

    I commit to respect your confidentiality and to respect your autonomy (to be self-directing). I believe in the therapeutic power of unconditional positive regard. I respect and value diversity; I value each client and accept them as unique and of worth.
  • Empathy

    Empathic understanding is essential in the counselling and coaching relationship. My hope and endeavour is that you will always feel you have been truly heard and understood.

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